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3 Stand-Out Changes for your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn continues to outshine other social media channels with regards to business marketing success. It simply is the best platform currently available for businesses to showcase their goods and services, and also how they do good in the world. According to LinkedIn’s About page, there are currently more than 660 million users in over 200 countries and territories covering the globe. That’s a lot of potential reach for businesses! So how can your company stand out in 2020? Glad you asked! Here are three easy ways to make that happen. The following ways assume that your company has a LinkedIn company page already created. Here is how to create one if one doesn’t yet exist.

Make your logo the profile picture on your company page. A crisp and clear version of your logo should always be the profile picture on your company page. Not only does this maintain clarity front and center on your page, it also is great marketing for your company since it shows up on the profile pages of your employees (more on this below).

It’s recommended that you have some level of activity on your company page, even if it’s posting something just once per month. Ideally you would be posting at least twice a week on your company page, but if you’re just getting started and that many posts feels overwhelming to you, give yourself a break and commit to one or two posts per month. Keep in mind that only 20% of your posts should be directly promotional. All other posts should be focused on something other than direct promotion - company community involvement, employee highlights and thanks, company news, etc.

Encourage your employees to make your company their “Most Current Company” on their personal LinkedIn profile page. More information on this here. This will show your logo at the top of your employees' profiles, so anyone who views their profile will see your logo. It also creates a link to your company page in their Work Experience section, which also shows your logo. This is great marketing for your company!

There’s no question that LinkedIn is the place to be for businesses. Implement these three steps, and you’ll be well on your way to success.


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