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4 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile Now

Updated: May 11, 2021

Time to brush up on your LinkedIn profile?  Try these quick tips from upLinked founder, Michelle White!

Get a new profile picture.

Make sure your profile picture is of just you, shoulders up, in front of a neutral background.  Avoid hats and sunglasses - less is more!  If a new acquaintance wouldn’t recognize you at a first-time, in-person meeting based on your profile picture, it needs to be changed.

Get to 501 connections.

Once you hit 501 connections, your profile shows 500+ as your number of connections.  This communicates to the LinkedIn world that you take LinkedIn seriously and are willing to put the time in to use LinkedIn well.

Be intentional with your cover photo.

Make sure your cover photo reflects your professional objective.  A skyline is nice, but unless your job/LinkedIn objective has to do with that city, you may want to consider changing it to something else.

Write a new headline.

Make your headline super, super clear and as concise as you can make it.  The upLinked recommendation is to use the formula “I help x do y.” 

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Michelle White, upLinked founder

Britney Breidenstein, upLinked Principal Growth Strategist

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