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Tips for LinkedIn Success

Check for grammar and spelling errors on profile and ask someone for feedback.

Write your content ahead of time in Word and get feedback before updating your profile.

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Make SMART goals.

Michelle share's her own SMART goals that she uses to stay consistent and meet objectives.

Choosing your LinkedIn cover photo.

Choose a photo that relates to your profession to make it immediately clear what you do.

Write your About section in 1st person.

Make your profile more personable and easier to read.

Define what to measure on LinkedIn.

There are many things you can measure on LinkedIn. Define which things make the most sense for you to focus on based on your objectives.

Do one thing on LinkedIn every weekday.

When you are active on LinkedIn, your network will see your activity daily, keeping you top of mind.

Don't be salesy on LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn as a tool to build a relationships. When you connect with someone, engage with their posts and follow their activity so that you can engage with some of the same posts they are commenting on.

Encourage employees to be active on LinkedIn.

Your employees' reach is larger than your own, and they can be a great source for content ideas. Make LinkedIn participation part of your employees' activity.

Include your thoughts on a shared post.

Build credibility and awareness of your own presence, and increase engagement by including  your own thoughts on posts you share with your network.

Invite your connections to follow your LinkedIn company page.

One of the quickest ways to start building your following is to invite your personal LinkedIn connections to follow your company page.

Keep doing what's working for you on LinkedIn.

What works today may not work tomorrow. What works for your goals may not work for someone else's goals. Monitor your progress and keep doing what works for you.

View your LinkedIn activity.

Review your own LinkedIn activity regularly to see engagement on your posts and use this to inform your ongoing strategy.

How to mention or tag people on LinkedIn

Be respectful of others and make sure if you are tagging or mentioning someone in a post of LinkedIn, that there is value to the person who is being tagged.

Personalize LinkedIn connection requests.

Michelle shares her formula for success:
Use the person's name, how you came across their profile, say you'd like to connect, and sign your name.

Create a posting schedule for LinkedIn and stick to it.

Posting 2 to 3 times is ideal, however consistent posting, even if only once per month, is better than sporadic posting.

Use security measures.

Michelle offers a few tips for keeping your LinkedIn profile secure.

Set notifications they way you want them.

You can change your notification settings to fit the way you want to use LinkedIn. Michelle gives a quick overview on how to update your settings.

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