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Michelle White is the founder and owner of upLinked, LLC.  Her unique combination of writing, teaching, consulting and freelancing experience provides the perfect backdrop for upLinked, where she spends time writing, training others, and providing LinkedIn consulting and management services. 


Michelle and her husband, Jeremy, live in Fort Wayne, Indiana with their four children.


Britney Breidenstein provides strategic direction for upLinked and also uses her talents as Principal Growth Strategist, developing client relationships, LinkedIn strategy and presence.  Over the last decade, she has focused on equity and inclusion efforts in both community and corporate sectors.   


In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband and two boys, going to sports events (#Goblue) and having coffee and convos with people in the community.


Rachelle McCoy brings significant knowledge of external and internal processes, communication, and growth opportunities.

An Indiana native attending Purdue University, Rachelle is working towards her bachelor's degree in Marketing with a minor in Women’s Studies.  In tandem with her education, she has helped 35 women entrepreneurs build their own businesses through using her marketing expertise and public relations skills.