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Using LinkedIn during COVID-19

COVID-19 has us working and schooling and parenting in ways we never anticipated. During this unprecedented time, there are a few things you can do, specifically on LinkedIn.

Stay positive in your posts and comments

It can be very, very easy to veer negative in light of all that is going on. Rising death tolls, fear and anxiety looming, stay-at-home orders, government decisions you may not agree with...the list is long. Which is why it’s extremely important to stay positive in your LinkedIn interactions. Absolutely acknowledge the negative - this is a trying time for everyone, professionally and personally. But do so with hope.

Spruce up your profile, especially your headline and summary

Now is a great time to focus on what you can DO, not on the unknown. One thing you can do is review your LinkedIn profile, especially your headline and summary. I recommend (and cannot take credit for coming up with this...wish I could remember who it was that I heard say this first) using the formula “I help x do y” for your headline. This is simple and clear. My headline is “I help companies use LinkedIn | Owner, upLinked | Writer”. It’s okay to include a couple of extra things, just remember to keep it very short and simple - and definitely clear! Your summary is also a good thing to review right now. Does it say what you really want it to say? Is it clear and simple?

Work on increasing your SSI (Social Selling Index) score

Your SSI score is a great free metric you can use to evaluate your LinkedIn presence. I track mine on a spreadsheet once a week (even though it’s updated daily). Your score is based on 4 areas: Establishing your professional brand, Finding the right people, Engaging with insights, and Building relationships. An easy way to find yours is to Google “Social Selling Index LinkedIn” and click on “Get My Score Free” once you get to the website.

Revise your LinkedIn Plan in light of our new work reality

Your LinkedIn Plan may need to be revised as you work from home or are in search of work. You can download our free worksheet here to help you do this.

Engage with posts focused on truth, not rumors

I realize this is similar to the first point of staying positive in your LinkedIn posts and comments, but I believe it’s worth saying. Be part of spreading truth, especially on LinkedIn as we’re not interacting with nearly as many people IRL.

We will get through this!


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