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Helping Employees Help You: Listing Yours as Most Current Company

Updated: May 11, 2021

You already have a LinkedIn company page. You understand the value of using LinkedIn as an effective tool for connecting with current or potential clients. You're working hard to establish yourself and your company on LinkedIn as an expert in your industry. You've already helped employees create LinkedIn profiles as part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. So what's next?

Help employees list your business on LinkedIn as their most current employer.


1. Your employees have a larger network than you do. When they list your company as their most current, your logo shows at the top of their page. A link to your company page is also created in their Experience section. Anyone who views their profile for any reason will have your logo plus a link to your company page directly in front of them.

2. Increased follower base. The reality is that numbers speak. When employees list that they currently work for you, they immediately become a follower of your page. People are more likely to engage with and follow a company page that already has an established follower base. So if you want to grow your followers, start with your employees.

3. Increased chance of activity on your posts, further spreading brand awareness. When employees interact with your posts (through liking, sharing, or commenting), their network can see that interaction. The more that people have your content in front of them, the more likely they are to also interact, which means that their network can see that interaction. Brand awareness goes even further.

4. Broadcast to the LinkedIn world that your company understands the professional value of social media. Every company page has a link at the top that says “See [number] employees on LinkedIn.” This number increases with every employee that links to your page. Companies with a higher number (depending on the size of the company, of course) look more legitimate to viewers.

How to do this:

Employees can select your company as their most current when they set up their LinkedIn profile (more information on how to help employees create LinkedIn profiles can be found here).

If your employee already has a profile, they can link to your company in about 2 minutes.

1. Navigate to personal profile page.

2. Click the edit icon:

3. Scroll down to Current Position and click Add new position.

4. Type in company name and select correct company from dropdown menu. It's very important that they select the correct company!

5. Enter job title, make sure “I currently work in this role” is selected and enter dates.

6. Click Save.

And that's it. Another step in the journey of creating employee brand ambassadors complete!

About UpLinked

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