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How to be Successful on LinkedIn

Getting the LinkedIn results you want can be tricky. At upLinked, we simplify LinkedIn using a 4-part process:

1. Evaluate current LinkedIn strategy

2. Define Objective/Target Market/Goals

3. Create a Plan

4. Execute the Plan

Read on for a little more detail on each part:

Evaluate your current LinkedIn strategy.

Before you can really figure out where you want to go with LinkedIn, it's important to get an accurate view of where you are.

How many connections do you have? (500+ is the magic number)

Is your profile complete?

How many original posts have you done in the last month?

Define - Objective, Target Market, and Goals

Objective - Why are you on LinkedIn? Answering this question is VERY IMPORTANT and will determine everything you do on LinkedIn from this point forward.

Target Market - Based on your objective, who on LinkedIn should you focus your efforts on?

Goals - Now that you've answered the above two questions, you can create SMART goals that will help you achieve your objective.

Create a Plan

It's time to create a plan that will help you achieve your objective for being on LinkedIn. It's very important that you make this plan doable, simple, and consistent in order for you to be able to follow through on it.

Execute your Plan

It's time to put your plan in to action. A few things that have helped me execute my own plan:

1. Batch tasks like writing posts

2. Set a timer for certain aspects of the plan like being active (I set a daily 10-minute timer to scroll through my newsfeed)

3. KEEP YOUR PLAN SIMPLE - don't add complex tasks to it


upLinked simplifies LinkedIn for companies and individuals through education, coaching, writing, and management services. To learn more, contact owner, head writer and content creator, Michelle White.


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